Mr. Impossibly attractive, irritating, exasperating...

Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase


 Rupert Carsington has been "shipped off" to Cairo, by his father the Earl of Hargate in order to (*cough*) help the British consulate...


A month and a half later, after spending quite a number of times in jail _ some could say...NINE! _ disrespecting a few laws _ TWENTY THREE...but who's counting? _ and after making his Majesty's consul spend a large amount of money paying bribes and fines ( "For what Mr. Carsington had cost the consulate (..) Mr. Salt might have dismantled and shipped to England one of the smaller temples on the island of Philae."), one could say that the Consuls patience is running thin, and Rupert seems to be facing a long time in prison.


Luckily for him, the scholar Daphne Pembroke finds herself having to resort to the Consulate's help in order to determine her _presumably kidnapped _ brother 's whereabouts.


And wouldn't you know it... there's only one person capable of helping her!!


Are you sure this is the only man available? (Daphne)


And imagine that! That person is right around the corner (or street...) spending some quiet time in jail!!


How did you contrive to lose your brother, by the way? Rupert said. "In my experience the feat's impossible. Everywhere I go, there they are. Except here. (Rupert)


Unfortunately, Mr. Carsington freedom has to be bought... but since Daphne is nothing less than resourceful
she is capable of striking a bargain...
Even though Mr. Carsington mental processes don't impress her all that much... in fact, she sees him as a bit of an idiot:


"If all you want is a brother, you're welcome to any of mine," Rupert said. "I've four. All saints. Ask anybody."


And even Rupert admits it:


"I may be stupid, Rupert said, " but I'm irresistibly attractive."



"And being a great dumb ox," he went on "I'm wonderfully easy to manage."


Being desperate, Daphne ends up "buying him", but at a discount price... the going rate of a eunuch! lol


In that fashion, an agreement is made between both of them: She will be the brains, and he the brawn in their quest for Daphne's missing brother..


After that, well let's say they will have the adventure of a lifetime... and we readers are given a most adventurous, amusing and romantic book!! There's even crossed vipers and a possessive mongoose!! ;)
Highly recommended!!