The Ugly Duchess  - Eloisa James

For the life of me, i can't remember the last time a story made me keep reading it, up until five am!!

And no! I do not suffer from insomnia, thank you very much!!


Not knowing quite how, it seems i had forgotten how addictive the author's stories can turn out to be.

The characters are so well crafted, their emotions so palpable and believable, than even if the story _sometimes, lol _ takes a small detour into insane land, i just got to keep reading it until the very last page, with a big stupid smile plastered on my face.

I loved reading the first two books in this Fairy tales series. The first one, a Cinderella retelling in which there's a very hungry...lion. And the second one, a House *cough*, i mean "Beauty and The Beast" retelling.


I'm not going to mention the third one o_O.. because i keep remembering that near the end of it, the female character decided to go to France (during the Napoleonic wars) and she took her small dog with her!!

I'm divided between her idiocy as a character, and the fact that she placed the dog's life in danger!! lol


BUT this one, was another winner!
The way the author was able to give us the main characters in their teenage years, was inspired. Their camaraderie and awkwardness at the way their relationship evolved, for me as a reader was spot on. And a joy to read.

In fact, i think i must have new expression wrinkles caused by the way those two (Daisy and James) made me laugh.

But this book is not only comprised of hilarious moments. In fact, there was more than one moment in which it almost made me cry.
I loved the way the author made Theodora reacted to her disappointment. Her backbone, her strength. It was believable!

Her little OCD "problems" endearing....well, i'm not the one who has to live with her! ;)

All in all, an almost perfect historical romance.

I guess the only issue i can point at, is that approaching the end, all the problems between Theo and James seemed to have been solved way to quickly. I think that the last part could have been developed into a whole new book: James return and the way Theo would have to deal with it...or not. Because lets face, problems as the ones Theo faced, do not get solved in the blink of an eye.

But i liked it so much, AND I COULDN'T STOP READING IT, that i'm note even gonna dwell on that!


Bottom line, a story worth of a solid four star rating. But due to its addictive quality, it gets another half point.