The Sharpest Blade - Sandy Williams

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I loved the first book of this series. The world building and Mckenzie's powers were sketchy at best, but even so, i liked it. Mainly because the characters and the story, were so promising.


There's was a love triangle. But for once, i thought it was feasible. And then i didn't had complains about the way the author dealt with it.

In fact, it was perfectly done.


In the second book, things went downhill. The plot didn't pick up. Things became boring, and what do you know, after having resolved the love triangle, the author decided to reinstate it again.

Since the plot was that weak.


By the end of "the Shattered Dark" i was ready to trow my copy out of my window and into a water puddle (the advantages of reading in paper). I was so mad, that in the review i wrote of that book, i said that i wasn't going to pick up this book unless i had read a huge amount of spoilers, that would show me the direction this story was gonna take.



I don't know how many time has passed since i read that second book, but i'm betting on a year or so, and while browsing through netgalley i saw this title, and due to _what i can only categorize _ as momentary insanity moment, i decided to request it...

 Against my better judgement...on the hope that the author would be able to get the story back on track...

She didn't.


For those of you, who like me, like solid world building, characters (who are adults) behaving like adults, and an actual plot, _basically an urban fantasy book _ you'll be sorely disappointed.


If on the other hand you like teenage angst, a plot that goes back and forth, repetitions, and a whole lot of drama mixed with paranormal romance traits, then this book is for you.

I'm not judging. To each their tastes.

This just wasn't mine.


They were many the times in which i thought about not finishing this book.

I honestly had to force myself to finish it, and i'm guessing that if Aren wasn't involved, i just wouldn't have bothered myself with it.

In the end, this is a "series" that i won't miss.

If i ever miss Aren, i guess i will just read the first book, or most specifically what he says to Mckenzie in the end of the that book:


 “If I were a good man,” he says, “I’d acknowledge that Taltrayn is an honorable fae, that he loves you and would take care of you. I’d step down and let you have the man you’ve always wanted, but, McKenzie, I’m not as good as Taltrayn. I never will be, and I can’t step down. I’ll fight for the chance to be with you.”

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