Impossible  - Nancy Werlin

                                    TW: Rape


On the cover it says: A haunting, thrilling romantic puzzle. Just read it


I say, don' read it...


This is not haunting.

And this doesn't have a single "romantic puzzle" bone in it's body!!


From time to time I read a book with a story that it's so bad, that it leaves me in a fit of temper.
This was not one of those books!


Look at that blurb!!
This had everything to be amazing!!

In fact, I loved the beginning. There my rating _ no I am not insane. Look at some of my previous reviews... this rating could be worse.


Lucy, the main character, came out as this strong, level headed rational seventeen year old. She's an intelligent young lady, adopted by a loving couple, and with a pretty decent life... not counting the moments where her biological mother Miranda appears.
Miranda the crazy lady...


So how does a story that begins as strong as this did, end up with 1 star?


Yes, there's a rape in this book.

Look there's a reason I read fantasy. If I wanted to stick with real life I would just stick with newspapers.

If I had known this existed in the book, I wouldn't have picked it up.


But of course this is not the reason of the one star rating. The dismissive way in which the subject is dealt helped..


This is about the way Lucy deals with the my own words of course!


"okay, I was raped, but he died... and then he wasn't himself... he was possessed... so I guess, I should forgive him... yes, I forgive him."


You cannot treat a situation as this in such a careless way!!

Yes, she has the support of family and friends, and she goes to a counselor... or better yet, we are told she does.


Because as many other things in this book, we are told not shown. Of course this compromises the depth of the story and characters.


Then there's the possession crap plot... look, why not make the "bad fairy guy" actually do it??


Because the "he was possessed" just stinks as an excuse! How many f*****g rapists have actually used that excuse??

I hated this... and this is supposed to be a young adult book. What kind of message will most girls get from this?


And of course she didn't go the police... because he was dead, and she had the support of family...~shakes head~


Having read this, I can honestly say that this isn't a fantasy book.

This is a new adult book, that preaches on the importance of family, marriage, kids (very much against abortion), basically this is more whimsical than a fantasy book, yes. With the occasional paranormal element.


To say that the merging of reality and paranormal isn't well done, would be an understatement
Most of the plot takes place inside Lucy's house!! With her parents and Zach, the "kid" from next door, who is now living with Lucy's family.


So Lucy gets raped, and we don't see how that affects her. Or her family.
The bad guy, the magical entity that has been chasing all the women in Lucy's family, also has his hand on changing Lucy's day after pill,(how convenient is this?) and what do you know it?


The poor kid is pregnant.
Soon after, with the help of Zach who discovers Miranda's diary, Lucy finds some disturbing things about the Scarborough women:


_They are under a curse
_ They are doomed to get pregnant at age eighteen
_After giving birth they become insane.


Now repeat after me... Lucy is a rational teenager. A bright intelligent teenager about to enter university.
Why not an abortion?
She was raped!!!

And wouldn't an abortion end the curse?


But no, the teen enters the mode super mom, and decides to keep her baby... like her mother did.
But she need not to worry, because soon after, her friend Zach decides all of a sudden that he's in love with her.


Just like that.
They had never kissed, never talked about anything more than friendship. But suddenly he KNEW.
I call this the prince charming syndrome.


Lucy gets a little surprised in the initial seconds following the declaration... but then she's all: Oh, maybe I love him...


Of course you do...


Then there's another priceless gem:


Inspired in the folk song Scarborough Fair, Lucy has to fulfill three tasks if she wants to get rid of the evil elf king:


Tell her to make me a magical shirt


Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme


Without any seam or needlework


Else she'll be a true love of mine


Tell her to find me an acre of land


Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme


Between the salt water and the sea strand


Else she'll be a true love of mine


Tell her to plow it with just a goat's horn


Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme


And sow it all over with one grain of corn


Else she'll be a true love of mine


And her daughters forever possessions of mine


                                    Chore #1 Magical Shirt


One would expect, this would involve some brilliant plot...
Sadly no... imagine duct tape and fabric, and voilá:


One magical shirt.


Through this scene there's also an unforgettable moment. While trying on the magical shirt, Zach gets an erection, and as such decides to ask Lucy to marry him.


He gets on one knee and all... I kid you not.

She agrees, and THEN they kiss.

Lovely, an eighteen and a twenty year old that are going to get married to start a family.


Now, you may say: Oh, I can't wait to see what were Lucy's parents' reaction to that!!
Exactly!! Who wouldn't want to read it??

Unfortunately the author decided to skip it, and move forward to the eve of the wedding day.


Then there was the whole: Marriage overcomes trauma provoked by rape


This is a very chaste book!So there's no graphic, or non graphic scenes:
How Lucy deals with having sex with her virgin husband, after being raped:


Zach, lets go check our bedroom...


~the next day.:~

.. happy after sixteen hours in bed


Who needs trauma to mess up such a happy occasion, right?


Okay, as you can read, I could go on and on... but honestly this doesn't even deserve this!


Lucy gets married and after the wedding night suddenly ages:


My husband this... my husband that...
What was this?

It's like the author didn't feel that the girl was strong enough to deal with all this crap on her own. So of course lets thrown in a eighteen!!


Anti-feminism is not something that I enjoy. And this book has it in spades!!!
The pro teens marriage. The anti abortion guideline. It was all here.


Then the author also struck out with the idea of dual points of view. The thing is, Lucy and Zach are so similar in their povs that it became pathetic.


The story flows at a dramatic slow pace, where nothing important actually happens.
Like I also mentioned, most of the story takes place on the inside of Lucy's parents' house.


The paranormal elements are scarce, leaving me to wonder if the author forgot what kind of story the blurb indicated.


The remaining two chores were dealt at lightning speed at the end of the book..because who cares?


Readers of angsty and dramatic new adult genre, may come to appreciate this.


I am not one of those people.


Oh, and this is part of a series!!

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