Not for me

Firelight - Kristen Callihan

I read this book at the beginning of 2013. And as usual, every time i start a new series, i had high expectations regarding it.

Things looked promising, and as a matter of fact, almost every single review that i read about it were extremely positive. Always something to take into consideration...

 Unfortunately, i wasn't able to connect with the plot and characters of this story.


First, the mystery wasn't able to engage me, and after awhile even Ben and Miranda's ( our main characters) relationship became dull, and boring. There was some sweet occasional moments between them, there the two star rating...


Regarding Archer's curse, well, i love urban fantasy, and i've read the most convoluted plots, but to buy that predicament  (even thought its nothing major) i needed more background, i needed something more.

It was a little: Where did this came from? From a sci-fi scenario?


Then there were some vague references to Druids that could explain his situation....once again, it didn't work for me.

 For that, more explanations were definitely needed.


As to this being a "Beauty and the Beast" retelling, well, it was a somewhat weak one.

Maybe if the hero had had more spunk, and the heroine less "feisty....ness", i would have liked their romance a little more.


I have nothing to appoint regarding the writing, and although this wasn't a favorite, i believe many paranormal romance readers will enjoy this.

For the ones, that such as me, were expecting something a little more urban fantasy oriented, this is probably not the best book to start this series.


I may even give the second book a try, since it came to my notice, that the readers who loved the first one, disliked the second one...

So, in that logic, maybe i will end up enjoying the second volume! :)