It doesn't make much sense...

Bluewing (The Frost Chronicles) (Volume 4) - Kate Avery Ellison

Let me start by admitting, that this story would mostly deserve a 2.5 from a purely analytically pov.


It has a lot of plot wholes, the world building is not as strong as it should be, _considering that this is the fourth volume in the Frost series_ and lets face it, it really isn't the most interesting of series out there.


Although i loved the first two books, the third one _ which i've also reviewed on PbW _ was pretty frustrating, and this one, _although better than the previous one_ still has a lot of  vague ideas and concepts. This situation can be "ignored" in a first book. In a fourth, it becomes tiresome.


The thing that makes me keep reading is the main characters: Lia Weaver and Adam.

I like them. I like the way they were fleshed. Which makes it even more frustrating, the fact that the author isn't able to let go of the damned love triangle!!

One could read the "signs" in the previous book, and especially on this one: Lia and Adam are completely perfect to one another. Who cares about Gabe? Why keep the damn thing, like a frustrating tick???


I'll say this once again as a reader: Love triangles if not well done, are only a way to try to hide the lack of a viable and interesting plot.


Oh, and killing characters in a purely arbitrary way, doesn't gain any bonus points with readers.



Killing E. was just pathetic. Lia was there, with her. The monsters don't attack Lia...therefore wouldn't it be more believable if E. wasn't attacked?


People that are used to a certain pattern,  (like wearing the blue flowers o_O  for their survival) don't tend to act all forgetful all of a sudden..


Things that didn't work out for me:

The "beast /machines" plot is still hard to believe.

The flowers that are used as protection..idem, idem.

The sudden discovery of a house in the middle of nowhere, when people have been living in the Frost for all their lifes, eye rolling...

Then there was the way in how Adam became immune to the beasts...

The discovery of serum for *all the population* to use...really?


As positives:

Adam was back!! It's amazing what an interesting character can do to a series...

Korr, something must be wrong when the supposedly bad  guy turns out to be more interesting than the good guys!

Ann, is it shallow of me to want to read Ann and Korr's story?

Probably..but i'm betting that it would be much more interesting than the normal full length Frost book.


In the end the main point is that , despite the series many and obvious problems, i still want to read the last book in the series. There my three star rating.

Go figure...