Another five stars story :)

Swift  - R.J. Anderson

With Swift, fourth book of the Fairie Rebels (or the first one in the Swift series), we get a new heroine, and another dangerous quest.

But one thing doesn't change:



A strong plot, cleverly built, and strong enough to keep going through of whole book, without having to resort to the same old "tricks", like insta love, love triangles...or other soap "operish" dramatics, just so pages can be filled!


Strong believable characters, that despite their magical nature still feel natural and engaging to the reader.
Never once did i, while reading a book of this series feel the urgent need of shouting at the characters!
Because the author knows how to properly mix the magical with the ordinary! So, the whole story flows seamlessly! And the only thing the reader can do, is turn the pages as fast as he/she can!


Another thing, just because a book is ya, it doesn't mean that it has to be written as if it's audience lacks brains!
R. J. Anderson knows this! Her characters despite being young _ for the record, this should not be seen as a sign of stupidity, as some authors tend to do! _ are more mature and grown up, that most characters in some of the contemporary romances that i've read!
Ivy, our main character was no exception to this.
I loved the way she was characterized. Her courage, her doubts, her frailty.
The whole story, and culture of who the piskeys were....their tunnels, the mine, the whole setting was so perfectly described, that i was there.

I liked that despite being a magical being, Ivy has problems and has to face situations less than magical.
She has to fight against adversity. She has to fight for what she believes. She has to make choices.
And those choices come with consequences...


I devoured this book. Honestly, it was that good! ( pretty obvious now, by the number of exclamation marks that i'm using, lol)

I can only tell you to give this series a try!
Do not be fooled by the covers. Or by the fact that the characters are fairies, or piskeys, or whatever magical beings the author created.
I dare you to read this series, and to find it lacking!
Luckily Nomad, the following book of the series, has already been released :)