How to confuse readers...

Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi

Following no kind of logic, i decided on a spur of the moment to finally read this book.

I had read Shatter Me a couple months back, and for the most part, i enjoyed it.


The writing, which was the object of so many discussions and commentaries, was for me a positive point.

Fact is, to spent a whole year (it was a year right?) locked up, without having anyone to talk to, has to have some sort of consequences on the person's mental well being.

The way that Juliette expresses _ or expressed _ herself in the beginning of "Shatter Me" was one of them.


So, in the previous book, i liked the writing, the action scenes, and even the insta romance _due to the circumstances _ was somewhat forgiven.


The dystopia _ for a first book _ was pretty weak, but not rage inducing.

Now, the attempt at a love triangle yes, because as i mentioned in my review of "Shatter Me":


Also the constant references to how pretty Juliette is, were a little too much.
Warner...the bad guy...hum, i wish Juliette had a better aim so she could have killed him. He's a psychotic bastard. Please "lets not create" a deranged love triangle!!



Yes, because some things we know for certain:

Juliette has that special snowflake characterization that make her incredibly beautiful and special;

Adam is the good guy,

Warner _ the main character of this book _ needs some serious mental treatment.


Pretty straightforward, right?



Because the story of this book is cagey, and sneaky!!

Honestly there's a part of me that feels that it was brainwashed. o_O

The way the author dealt with Warner was just a low blow. 

So against my better judgment (*.*) i found myself starting to feel sorry, and pretty much pitying the guy. o_O

But...he's still a wacho. An obsessive deranged wacho!


The author gives him a much needed character development. Basically, now we know why Warner is the way he is. But even so, i really wished the author hadn't sugarcoat him, the way she did!

The scene with the dog was a little too much!!

What's next? Him standing next to an Unicorn?


Thing is, the author can't give its readers the Warner that she gaves us in Shatter Me, and expect that with this story, everything will be forgotten!

It's unrealistic. Also, the majority of the explanations on why he behaved the way he did with Juliette in the past, are just delusional.

And he really isn't winning any points with me, by continuing to be his same old obsessed self about Juliette.


Bottom Line: I liked this insight into what made Warner be his obsessed/deranged self.


Would have liked it even more, if i didn't feel that the author was trying to "recreate him" with some sort of double personality:

I'm afraid that from this novella forward, Warner will be known as the "poor, abused, tormented ya character" who just tried to live as best as he could, in face of the true Evil, his father, who makes Warner look like an abandoned puppy.

 Not happy, but it was cleverly done.