Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

2nd Re-read - 23/02/14

Second time reading this story, and all i can say, is that it was still as good as the first time i read it!



Could the characters have had a little more development?
Yes, they could.
But despite that, the story is able to pitch a note between the original and the melancholic (who doesn't miss watching Sailor Moon?) turning it into an unforgettable start for this addictive sci-fi _ with a dash of romance _ series.


My favorite characters continue to be Cinder and Iko.
I love those two! Cinder is strong, a non BS kind of girl. And Iko has the most delightful personality ever found in an android!

"I don’t compute.” (Iko)

Regarding Kai....lets say that the guy could use a little more personality!


The not much of a mystery.
But, honestly?
That doesn't even matter!! :)


And having already read Scarlet, i can definitely say that this is a series whose second book doesn't suffer from any type syndrome...besides the one, commonly referred as:"Oh My God, The Second Book Is Amazing!

So.. if you still haven't given this series a try, what are you waiting for?? ;)