How long until "Winter"?

Cress - Marissa Meyer

Third book in the acclaimed Lunar Chronicles, Cress, opens the road for upcoming characters, new adventures, and non stop action sprinkled with a touch of romance (very sparse), and a large cup of drama....


Cress basely inspired in Rapunzel fairy tale, is that girl you want to be friends with!

She's charming, an optimist, has a sunny disposition....and tech talk is her a,b, c....

She has been living all alone on a satellite for seven years now, and that takes a toll on the poor girl...who doesn't has access to any cutting implements!

Yes, true to Rapunzel most prominent characteristic, that means that she has a LOT of hair... besides that, she also has a severe crush on infamously famous Cpt. Thorne. But we won't hold that against her.

Poor girl. She would have to fangirl about something or someone, right?



What could go wrong with such a story, right?

Well, first of all, Cress and Thorne, _who i thought would be the main characters _ don't have a lot of "show time" in this story! I know :/

Which is strange, because this story is quite long....

 Of course the author is juggling quite a large number of plots and characters up in this book...and well, some are more interesting than others.

*Cough* Scarlet and Wolf....


Basically i felt like i was reading Mission Impossible version Lunar chronicles! And Cinder was a Tom Cruise in training, lol

I like adventure (there my rating) but romance is also a big part of this series. And well, i missed two characters immensely!!!!!!!

I understand why it happened (one had to pave the road for the appearance of a main character in Winter, and the other had to be used to show Cinder's development?). 

But honestly?

This is one of those times in which the author's creative process clashed with my expectations!!

Here i was, expecting some big emotional declarations, and instead what i got was....



Imagine exchange of emails, and me writing something along the lines of to my co-blogger:

 "_ISA, AM AT THE PART WHERE______$#&E&URFU!!!!!"


So, yes that was a huge disappointment. Even more so, because i had been re-reading the previous two books, so i was definitely in the mood for some very needed mushy romance!! 


Then the problem with action "movies" is that they don't allow much for character development!

I wanted more Cress "time"! The girl has been having a pretty lousy life! I'm admired at her resistance in this story. Aka, she's so sane! o_O


I wanted to know more behind Thorne's easy smile.


On the other side, there's a lot of Cinder in this book (lol) which i had no problem with, because i like her character.

Would like her even more if she hadn't fallen for Prince Kai *the boring one*.

Prince Kai _the one with the chocolate dreamy eyes...wait, am i mixing Grey's Anatomy with Thorne description of the prince?_ continues to be his same old *not interesting* self.

OH, my God! Even Tuxedo Mask with his ~killer dashing red roses~ was more interesting than this "dude"!!!

I know he's a prince, and therefore not very interesting, but this is fantasy!! He could have done more than...look at the ceiling, lie on the couch, watch the lake... and tousle his hair? o_O


Bottom Line:

Of course i liked this!!

I love the characters. All of them...minus Kai!

Nice flow to the story. No plot-holes! Which can't be easy considering the "vastness" of characters and plot routes created in this story!

The only downside for me, was that due to the story's great length, it lost that sense of urgency _ that for instance Scarlet had _ that turns readers into book zombies!

That is not to say, that i'm not dying to get my hands on Winter!!!

Because i am!!




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