Reading progress update: I've read 180 out of 438 pages.

Heart Of Stone (Negotiator Trilogy, #1) - C.E. Murphy

What to say about this story...

First of all I would have liked more character development.

I just find strange that a centuries old gargoyle (gargoyle by day, but he can change by night) would feel this need to have his name cleared..


Let me explain what is happening: 

So apparently this gargoyle has set his eyes on the main character, a lawyer by the name of Margrit Knight (Michael Knight anyone?). One day he approaches her while she's on her jogging routine, through central park, AT NIGHT.


He just wanted to speak with her...but here's the coincidence: she gets home and finds out that has been a murder in central park. A woman was killed, so naturally all sights turn to this mysterious man.


So what does Alban the Gargoyle does?

He once again follows Margrit because he wants her to defend him....he wants to set the record straight, since he's not a killer.


He's one of the Older Races, he lives on the fringe of Margrit's life. 

Is it just me who finds this excuse for interaction completely weak?

It's not like anyone can find him if he doesn't want to...if he was being threatened by

I don't know...maybe another paranormal race, and he needed Margrit's help, I think that would be more feasible.


Then this started very paranormal language oriented...

Margrit has this on/off relationship with a police detective, and the thing is not very interesting....

Then there's the fact that Alban most of the time sounds like a lost puppy, add some weird scenes, in which Margrit almost gets run over by a car _ in the presence of the on/of boyfriend _ but end's up being saved by Alban, who puts himself between her and car.

Tony, the police officer doesn't see anything, she goes missing after that, and no one finds that strange o_O

Now It's on a better phase, but...let's say I'm glad I bought a used paperback.