Oh, well...at least I'm done reading it.

Heart Of Stone (Negotiator Trilogy, #1) - C.E. Murphy

I'm afraid that the latest books I've chosen to read all suffer from the same problem:


Identity Crisis


This tends to happen when a story you're reading is supposed to be something else entirely, but the plot and characters end up taking a completely different path, leaving the reader completely dumbfounded and unsure of what he/she is reading.


Is this urban fantasy?

No, it has too many paranormal romance traits... like lusting after a guy while you're walking through a sewer...


So, it's paranormal romance?

Yes, with a little wtf thrown in the mix: those scenes towards the end in which Alban and Margrit are on the cathedral outside the stairs making out, while a killer _who may be Alban's *cough, cough* (spoiler) _were unbelievable... far from sexy as a PR could be!


Oh, and Margrit lusting after Gargoyle Alban _when he can downsize to human _ with his taloned fingers, and wings... o_O

It shows I never read monster erotica doesn't it?

“Margrit.” His voice altered, deepened even more, and she turned again in time to see his wings snap out, flaring in the narrow stairwell. He looked barely contained, all raw earthy power, with one taloned hand turned up in supplication. The other curved around the railing, less for support than to show the dangerous strength in those hands: beneath his grip, steel buckled, all too ready to give way to his demand.

Embarrassment and desire crept up by degrees, heating Margrit’s cheeks as she stared at the unearthly being on the stairs above her.

This story had such promise!

The whole idea behind the Old Races (Dragons, Gargoyles, Vampires and Selkies) living amongst us is pretty good, but unfortunately the story lacks coherence due to its characters, and weak plot development.


Honestly, most of the time, I didn't understand why Margrit would do something besides the whole throwing herself into a dangerous situation.

Being courageous is something completely different from the manner she behaved in this story:

I lost count to all the "Why, why would you do that?" or "But, that is stupid, and you're not a super hero!"


Margrit is unbelievable tstl. In fact I think she is the most tstl character that I've ever read.


Her characterization is very stereotyped and I'm afraid things don't get much better regarding the other characters, although Alban gets to be more interesting than her... well being a Gargoyle and all that, had to give him some leverage on the "interesting" department.


Bottom Line: An interesting concept (I bought the first two volumes at the same time, so I can still give the second one a chance) that got strangled between one too many stereotyped characters, stupid actions, and not enough plot development.

But who knows?

Maybe, in the second one, things will be better? o_O

Since I love the author's Walker Papers series, I may still give the second one a try.


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