The end.

Banishing the Dark  - Jenn Bennett

And here it is. The last book of the Arcadia Bell series....



"Banishing the Dark" picks up a few weeks after the "you know what happened" in the last pages of Binding The Shadows (book #3).


Feelings are running high, Cady's sociopath of a mother continues lurking on the horizon waiting for a chance to attack _long story ~go read the first book!~ _ and Cady is running out of ideas.

So what does she do?

Well, I could tell you, but then I would ruin the book for you!

So, no telling ;)


Let me just say that reading this was heartbreaking, awe inducing, funny _Jupe is in it, so, what did you expect? _ and completely addictive!


I like the fact that Cady isn't our average urban fantasy heroine.


She really tried to lead a normal life _ well as normal as one can have, being the owner of a bar that caters to earthbounds_ only when people didn't let her _ there was the sacrifice attempts and things of the sort _ did she have to come to terms with the other "aspect" of her life.


So I guess it was to expect, that this series wouldn't have a.. let's say "energizer bunny" duration.

You know the type that.. lasts and lasts, you think that's in character with the characters?_ lasts _when will this series end?_, lasts _Okay I'm done with this *****!! *throws book in rage and promises never to touch the series again*


No one can accuse the Arcadia Bell series of that!

What you can say is, that it ended with a very positive bang, surfing the "biggest waves" of the urban fantasy world!


There's so many "quotable" quotes that I could place here to leave you all salivating, but I CAN'T, because this is an arc!



The characters are as great as ever.

I just love  the quirky demon family Cady got for herself. I love their interactions, and the way they are always there for one another!

I love Lon, even with his pirate moustache...and despite his old age!lol  ;)


Then there's Jupe who is the most cutest, infuriating, "hugable" teen ever created! I love him, even when he is being his usual big mouthed self!

Oh, and I can totally see him having his own series! ;) *wink*

Well, him and another member of the Butler family! That ending, lol


Definitely recommended for first reads, and re-reads, which is something I would love to do if I didn't have a pile of arcs to read!

So what are you waiting for in order to start this series?