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A Creature of Moonlight - Rebecca Hahn

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This is a review that I simultaneously want to write and one that, at the same time, fills me with a healthy dose of dread.

The reason is very clear: I loved this book to bits, and if I could, I would make sure everyone with whom I spoke would get a chance to read it.

Truth is, it's because of books like these that I will never stop reading. It pulled at my heart strings with its beautiful language, it captured me with its voice, and amazing scenario.

"So I stopped listening, and I stopped looking. It’s been many years now since I followed whenever the voices called from the woods. I no longer talk back to birds with people’s faces, or watch as misty creatures dart through the brooks."

My only fear for this story is that, in a market saturated by new releases, it has become increasingly difficult to find gems _like this one _ amongst the more common and usual YA stories that sell so much.

My wish for this story is that it finds its intended audience. The right audience who I know will love it madly. Maybe a more mature audience, instead of the expected YA one. People who want to read about magic, while keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

You see, I'm perfectly aware that this book will not be loved by everyone. This is not a story filled with action and heartbreaking romance. Two ingredients that are, today, common marks for a story's success.

This is a story that takes its own time to get where it needs to go. Sometimes it feels as if it meanders a little, and for that I gave it 4 stars (a very strong 4 with sparks of 5 star ratings), only because of that.

This is a story of a sixteen year old girl: Marni; who lives with her grandfather at the edge of the woods. Magical, scary woods. Woods in which girls disappear, woods that are slowly taking the place of all the Land in the Kingdom.

Marni's background is one filled with sorrow and blood, and it seems that her life is once again in peril.

Mostly this is a story about family ties, vengeance, and growing up.

About trying to find your place in life and be content about it.

And, most importantly, Marni's struggle to keep being her own independent self.

Girl power over and over.


Definitely recommended, and a book that I will be buying for future re-reads.

Truly amazing, for an author's first work.


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