Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After (Bride Quartet #4) - Nora Roberts

After Del and Laurel's book _which I loved _ my expectations for this one were running high. And up until a certain point, they were met.

I honestly enjoyed the first pages of the romance between Parker and Malcolm. Mal's impetuosity was well played considering Parker more sedate way of being. *cough* Of course in real life, he would probably end up getting slapped... a lot! lol

The tension and attraction between them was visible and palpable. In that point, mission accomplished.


The thing that I can't help feeling, is that after the initial click in their relationship, the story simmers down, and the only thing we mostly have, as readers, is wedding after wedding of perfection, lovely brides, endless bottles of champagne, and rivers of tears.

How these people don't get dehydrated... oh, okay, that's the reason behind all that champagne!

It's cliché after cliché, and even though NR does know how to write them, this is the fourth book of the series. My patience/cheesy cup ~runneth over~


Everyone who has been reading NR for a couple of years now (as I have been doing), knows that originality is not one of the author's strong points. The settings may be different, but the characters are basically recycled ones from other stories.


So, for that, for the fact that Mal made me think of Michael Fury (Finding The Dream #3), and the fact that Parker has a little of Laura in her, this rating gets downplayed.


Recommended with caution: If you're allergic to everything wedding related and coordinated, you'd better stay away from it.


Honestly, since this is the fourth book in the series I was expecting something a little different...

Why not a Goth's wedding for crying out loud?

After I don't know how many weddings (I honestly lost count of the number of weddings that took place during this volume), I honestly am a little nauseated of pastel colours!

A story that would have benefited had it been somewhat shorter.


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