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The Perfect Rake - Anne Gracie

Oh, Gideon, lol, this is going to be fun! :)


"And since she is refreshingly unlike the females I have met in the past, I think I should call on her and Sir Oswald this afternoon."
"It is a very bad idea," Gideon said firmly.
"Why?" (..)

"I believe her to be deranged," he said finally.
The duke's mouth twitched, but he responded solemnly, "Ah. You think so?"
(..) "Well, of course she is! She comes here, uninvited, at the crack of dawn—"
"Half-past nine."
"Exactly! The crack of dawn! Claiming to be betrothed to you! Then she mistakes me for you—and then, as soon as her great-uncle arrives, she rails at me for a faithless beast, snatches up my tailor's bills, rips them up in my face, and dashes them into the fire. Finally, not to be outdone, she stages a faint, and when I save her from falling and try to
resuscitate her—what does she do? Biffs me over the ear with a hideous miniature Egyptian coffin that weighs a ton, announces she is engaged to some other blasted fellow, and storms out!"