Magically quirky

Chime - Franny Billingsley
“I love you.”
Word magic. If you say a word, it leaps out and becomes the truth. I love you. I believe it. I believe I am loveable. How can something as fragile as a word build a whole world?

This is a complicated book to review.

First of all, the writing is amazing. Most of the dialogues are brilliant. They're witty and intelligent. Basically they're everything a reader could ask for and more.

“And you?” said Eldric. After a heartbeat of silence, I glanced up. Eldric was looking at me, this golden London boy, looking at me with amber eyes. “What am I to call you?”
“You may call me Briony,” I said, “which makes it awfully convenient because so does everyone else.”

One would think, that that would make the reading experience smooth.
But i have to admit that most of the time that didn't happened to me, because i would read something so clever and witty, that by association i was expecting to hear some applauses...and this could happen five or six times in one single page. In a way, this killed the story's rythm.

I'm probably not getting myself through, but i feel as if Oscar's Wilde quote; "I'm so clever that sometimes i don't understand a single word of what i'm saying" would most certainly apply to certain parts of this story.

Being a complicated read, it had parts that i loved, like the beginning, when we are introduced to a bunch of quirky and strange characters...

“I don’t like boys,” said Rose.
Neither did I, but I knew enough not to say so.

Parts that became a little tiresome, like deep down in the middle of the story (during this phase, a two star rating was definitely on my mind..). The author had the abbility of making Rose tiresome only by "listening" to her...and then i couldn't help feeling as if the story had stagnated a little.

“Rosy Posy,” said Rose, but not to Leanne. “Briony Vieny.”
“Our names match up,” I said.
“Quite right,” said Rose.
“Our names match up, but the moons don’t match up.”
“You are exceedingly correct,” said Rose.

And then surprisingly in the end,it picked up again.

There were some things i didn't understood....maybe it needs a second reading to be fully understood,

So yes, i would recommend this book to everyone who likes words, lol, beautiful words, words games, people who like puzzles...and people who aren't lacking in patience....
....and stubborness.

The story takes place in the beginning of the twentieth century, between the old legends of yore and the upcoming industrialization. In a place where a woman's red hair can still lead to hanging...there lives a witch alongside her family. This witch doesn't want to have anything to do with boys, and with her "old" wicked ways...you see, she says she has killed her kind stepmother...
...and for that she deserves to hang.
Or doesn't she?