Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Apart At The Seams - Melissa  Ford

Wow, the main character, Arianna, is really obnoxious.

What's the use of having her boyfriend moving in with her, if she's constantly complaining about this and that, as if she didn't knew what was going to happen? You're living with another person, both have to adjust...

She's behaving like a spoiled brat, and the whole "grass is greener on the other side" makes it hard to force myself to read this.

She has a boyfriend who likes her, respects her, and who also likes and takes care of her son, and she's always complaining about the guy!

Now she has met another guy, who just like her, also doesn't want to get married, so he's like the new best thing in Arianna's world.


I thought this would be a nice fast read, instead it's just another story that I'll have to force myself to finish!

After I am done with the arcs that I still have to read, I'm definitely going to have to take a break from forcing myself to keep on reading things that just aren't my cup.

It's draining, that's what it is.