At least I could finish reading the story...

Slightly Wicked (Bedwyn Saga #2) - Mary Balogh

Tw's: Attempted rape


No one is infallible, and to expect otherwise is just unreasonable.

Also, tastes are tastes. What works for a person doesn't work for another...


This is the fourth book I read by this author. And for the first time, a Mary Balogh story didn't work for me.


There has been something wonderfully constant in the previous books I read by this author: No insta love or lust.

The characters behave as sensible people. They normally find themselves together due to a promise made by the hero to a member of the heroine's life, and love, the big L, only comes pretty much towards the last part of the story.

This works for me, although I have read some reviews in which readers complain of the opposite thing: they feel the romance lacks intensity and emotion.

I believe those readers will love this book.


This story practically begins with the heroine throwing herself into the hero's arms.... we have a woman of 21/22 year old, raised in  a very conservative environment _her father is a pastor _ that suddenly finds herself having to leave her home due to financial circumstances: Her brother basically behaves as he pleases, spending money hither and yon, and the family is practically ruined, forcing her to go and live with her well-off family members...where she will live the life of a servant.

We all know that when it comes to sons and daughters, what is good for the goose, normally isn't good for the gander o_O But, being her father such an austere man, I found it a little too convenient, that the father would support every little whim of the son. Just saying...


Were this a contemporary novel, this would suffer from : Am I beautiful ?, syndrome...

The girl has been told her entire life by her preachy of a family, that she is ugly. Due to the historical nature of this story _no friends, no tv, no internet _it is feasible that something like would be ingrained in the girls' mind; and as such, needed the hero _and a villain _ attentions to tell her how beautiful she is.


But what really got on my nerves was the way this story begins: Taking all this into consideration, how would a rational young woman risk _when she was already facing a bleak future _ a tryst with someone she had just met by the the side of the road??

She gets involved with a stranger just because she liked the look on his face?

Really? REALLY? In that time and age?


What if she got pregnant?

I am sorry but this was just ridiculous, and the explanation on why she was behaving the way she did, also didn't work for me...

She wanted something to remember...but, and although one understands her reasoning, it didn't work for me.


After that, everything and everyone else was basically depicted with cardboard depth: It was like I was "seeing " a "Cinderella kind of" retelling:

 The poor girl _who is beautiful_ who is mistreated by the evil _in this case_ aunt and spoiled cousin...who is then persecuted by a crazy villain, who at some point tries to rape her. Luckily there is the _I met you by the side of the road _ prince o_O


The rest of this...the romance, didn't manage to ensnare me, because maybe I never found the thing between them believable. The attraction, okay fine. Also I have my doubts that the due to the way they met, a duke's brother would be interested _or would be allowed_ in marrying an  impoverished parson's daughter.


The rest of it, ends up falling into the soap opera field with the villain trying to ruin our heroine's life in every way possible

Very predictable and not all that interesting.


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