A little about me...

My name is Susana and I am thirty five years old. Hi! :)

I was born on a Friday the thirteen o_O..but I don't have any powers!

This upsets me :/

I am Portuguese, and English is my second language, therefore I may make the occasional  grammatical mistake, for which I am really sorry!

I do try not to make them, but sometimes it takes me a full day to see some glaring grammatical errors :/

I don't mind being corrected about them! Please feel free to point them out at me!



I have a lot of cats, *sighs* not because I go around looking for them...but because they do tend to appear near my house...and then I have to feed them, treat them, and keep them. I am an idiot.

This means that you'll probably be subjected to quite a number of cat pics! ;)

Lucky you!


In fact I used to be more of a dog person. When I was growing up I had no patience for cats. I was wise beyond my years o_O

Right now I only have two dogs: Lion and Hércules.


I love to read _obviously _ but lately I haven't gotten enough time to do it.

I love to review because I just want to share how much I liked _or hated, lol _ a certain book.


I respect everyone's opinions, and hope that people will respect mine.

I don't try to tell people what to read, or what to like.



Things that I hate:


People telling me that I am Spanish  o_O

People telling me that Portugal and Spain is the same thing.... O_O

Reality shows....this is not me being snob, really! I just can't watch them.


People recommending me classics on Gr's *takes a deep breath*

Every time this happens I feel that my reading tastes are being judged!

Pseudo intellectual discussions, in which some people try to book shame others. Okay, this really gets on my nerves, which ends up with me losing my patience...


Also, it's not as if I love gardening...but I love having trees and basically everything that gives flowers...so I have to put up with the boring gardening work!



Thank you for following me!