"Clearly" history oriented ;)

Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins

I have been meaning to read the last book of this series for quite some time now. But time has passed, and I almost didn't remember anything about this one: the second book.

So in order to finish reading the series once and for all, I decided to undergo a Hex Hall marathon!


Hex Hall (#1) was still as good as a remembered it to be. This one is also good, but not as great as the first.


Despite that, this is still one of my favourite series in the comedy department :)


When we went to the Tower of London, Lara gave us these little brochures that talked about the Prodigium history of the place, like how Anne Boleyn was really a dark witch (no surprise there), and that one of Queen Victoria’s grandsons had been held in the White Tower after becoming a vampire.