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The Castle Behind Thorns - Merrie Haskell

I honestly still don't know what to think of this book!

Most of what I read, I've found it boring. Then I am not happy that the cover and synopsis promised one thing, and delivered another :/

Despite the slight magical aspect of it...the boy magically appearing inside a castle's keep, and being unable to leave it due to some bloodthirsty and aggressive vines, besides that we only get to see the boy fixing everything in a castle....IT'S A BIG CASTLE!!

And then we have bodies..dead bodies who suddenly resurrect, and it's no biggie :/


Perrotte had never been a good sleeper, and maybe that was why she lived again. Death was the ultimate night, and she couldn’t keep her eyes closed even through that.


People should get some sort of warning:

Sleeping Beauty retelling...HERE!!

Now, if only the thing wasn't this boring o_O