School Spirits, the one and only??

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

School Spirits, a Hex Hall spin-off has in Izzy Brannick its leading character. Remember her?

She appears in the last Hex Hall book: She's Sophie's younger cousin.


More "grounded" on earth, Izzy's  is nothing like her demon cousin. Well for starters she tends to hunt people with magic...

The Brannicks have been fighting monsters for all their lives, and have been paying the price for that.

The most recent casualty has been Izzy's older sister, Finn, who has disappeared without a trace.


Izzy's confidence is shaken, and her mother decides to give her a small "case" in order to boast the girl's confidence.

Now, how can someone who has been raised away from the civilization know how to adapt, when faced with the prospect of having to attend High School?


She buys lots and lots of teen series dvd's....

I'm serious.

*Gulp* Poor girl.


The case Izzy's mother decides to give her, involves a somewhat run of the mill...situation involving a ghost.Which according to Izzy is just plain boring.

That is, until the basic "exorcism" techniques stop working : you know, the basic stuff like going into graveyards at night to drop salt into the ghost grave.


“You can’t just go around following people,” I told Dex as I tossed the empty salt carton into my backpack. “It’s creepy. And inappropriate.”
“Says the girl pouring salt onto graves.”
I glared at him. “This is…part of my religion.”


Suddenly, teachers, and students alike seem to have been turned into a target...and not even the family "heirloom" Torin, the guy who has been stuck in a mirror for more than four hundred years, knows what to do.


In high school Izzy makes some friends and meets a potential love interest...but how can a girl less than ordinary, get to live a plain old life?


Just like the Hex Hall series, School Spirits reads itself in a blink of an eye.


Unlike Hex Hall, and despite continuing to have a very particular sense of humour, I am happy to say that Izzy doesn't try to emulate her cousin's peculiar sense of humour!

Don't get me wrong! I love Sophie...but after awhile the girl drives a person insane!


This had a strong plot. I honestly had no idea who was the guilty part up until the end, which is always a bonus.

The sidekicks were all interesting people, and of course I couldn't help but love Dex's charm! Who cares if the guy likes his coats in purple?

They look good on him! lol


“It’s just…purple suits you. Which is good since you wear so much of it.”
Preening, Dex raised his head and pushed his shoulders back. “It brings out the color of my eyes.”


The end...delivered quite a kick in the gut, and despite wishing that some things had been more developed _and questioning Aislin's ability to, lets say...receive another person in the Brannick family _ I have to admit being pretty happy with how this one turned out . *Thumbs up*

In the end, my only question is:

For when the second one? :)


Author's Official Tumblr

Oh, I just read this on the author's Tumblr:


"(..)there are no more School Spirits books coming in the near future. Never say never and all of that, but for now, those are over."


Excuse me:




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