The Love Match (Sisters of Scandal #3)

The Love Match (Entangled Scandalous) - Lily Maxton

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Release Date: October 13


First of all, let me start by saying that I am following the infamous Goodreads classification in which a two star rating is an okay read.

And by okay read,_ in this one_ I mean that I liked reading it. So why not a three star rating?

Because this was just too short!!! (yes, I know this is a novella o_O but even so, a little more development in quite a number of fronts would just do this tale justice!)


Will I be re-reading it?

Probably not, but this had some good moments that I enjoyed, and being greedy as I am, I couldn't help lamenting the fact of not having more pages to read. ( It appears I don't quite grasp the concept of novellas, lol)


“You deflect attention from yourself. You, sir, are a deflector.”
“I’m not familiar with the term,” he said smoothly.
“I don’t think we’re very different at all. You simply hide yourself in plain view. You ooze charm and—”
“I sound like an infected wound,” he remarked.


This is the story of a bluestocking and of a wanna be rake.

Apparently they wouldn't have anything in common, but matters of the heart are what they are _I could really use a little more development in this part, because it was all too quickly done _ and pretty soon, the two of them find themselves entangled, and in the middle of a scandal.

Despite the fact of this being the third in a series, I had no problem in picking up where it started.


Bottom Line, I liked the writing and the characters, but of course I would have preferred it  if the plot had a little more....well, plot!

In which case this wouldn't be a novella, but a full length novel ;)


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