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Cainsville #3.5

Lost Souls - Kelley Armstrong, Xavière Daumarie

Arc Provided by Subterranean Press through Netgalley


Release Date: March 31st


The greatest compliment I can give to this novella, is that after being thoroughly pissed of with the way things ended in the third Cainsville novel, I am now _once again _ determined in finishing the series! So, well done! Objective achieved, lol As to what happens in this novella, obviously I'm not going to spoil it for you guys, but I'll say that the basic plot was extremely interesting... okay, there's ghosts...and other supernatural beings involved. Patrick, aka Gabriel's... now what have you read? Have you read the first four books and the anthology "Led Astray" who has some pretty good shorts on Gabriel and his childhood? Because in the case that you haven't, let's just keep things...secret. Okay? So, I was talking about Patrick who is a writer amongst other things... Olivia would probably use a much more colourful language about the guy!*snort* Patrick decides to get more involved in Gabriel's life, and of course things don't go as they probably should. A big mess ensues. Gabriel and Olivia's relationship is still on the mend, and people are getting lost. In more ways than one... Now if you're wondering, after all my blabbering, if you can read this novella without reading the previous stories, the answer is yes. Of course by doing so, you'll be losing more than half of the "fun" :)

Falco #14

The Jupiter Myth: A Marcus Didius Falco Novel - Lindsey Davis


Another Falco adventure in his least favourite place... Britain.
The man hates the weather, isn't crazy about the Baths, and the bartenders are just fishy. And don't even get him started on the beer *ugh*... although water ends up being way... dangerous for everyone's health!

Luckily his closer family is with him: His beloved wife, Helena Justina, their two infant girls, and of course, Nux the family's dog.
Oh, and his sister Maia Favonia, her children, and lets not forget his BFF Petronius.
So of course, with this cast, we have mayhem and insanity. There's this scene in which we have Amazons, chariots, a f****g Bear, and people trying to kill each other! A circus, I tell you!

A man with connections ends up killed, so of course Falco ends up being recruited to find his killer.
A dangerous woman from his past makes an appearance, and Helena Justina decides to adopt a girl.
His youngest daughter has a close encounter with a bumblebee...oh yeah, and Falco makes a number of very stupid, STUPID, mistakes.
Typical Falco. I liked it, but it could be shorter.

Reading progress update: I've read 348 out of 405 pages.

The Jupiter Myth: A Marcus Didius Falco Novel - Lindsey Davis

"If they stuff you in the bloody well, remember _ hold your breath until I come and pull you out.'

'Thanks for the advice, Falco. I never would have thought of that.'

Reading progress update: I've read 338 out of 405 pages.

The Jupiter Myth: A Marcus Didius Falco Novel - Lindsey Davis

I'm getting extremely tired with Falco and all his "mistakes"!

Leaving Albia in the streets? What the hell was he thinking?

And now after being so worried about his sister, he doesn't even check to see if she's home?!

Stupid, stupid, Falco!

The Wingman - Natasha Anders

Arc Provided by Netgalley


DNF at 33%


If you want to read about blatant women on women hate, slut shaming, with a main character that seems to have been raised in a convent, this book's for you!

As for the guy, he's an idiot in a pretty package who at one moment thinks that the woman really should lose some weight.

As for what's her name, despite being a successful professional _ she's a vet _ she has no confidence in herself. She doesn't know what to do with her hair or how to dress. Oh, aren't you special, "little one"?*

It reminded me of Anastasia with "oh, make-up, what should I do with it?!" -_-

"Yes" let's reduce twenty first women to simple minded ninnies. That's hot!




*term later on used by another character. Because the whole thing wasn't condescending enough.

Not for me.

Pretty Face - Lucy Parker

       Arc Provided by Carina Press through Netgalley


                Release Date: February 20 th 


Another winner! Author Lucy Parker definitely knows how to write the perfect story, because I never thought that theatre "stuff" was that interesting, and then I just want to live in these stories. And be friends with these people. And as such, I am now going to re-read it, because I don't know when I'll read another good story. -_-


Lily is much more than a pretty face: she's smart, witty, and much more than meets the eye. Luc on the other hand, likes to live his life preferably free of taxing emotional dramas. He's forty _lol _ he's "old", and he already has enough on his hands with his latest project. He's known for his professional behaviour and he doesn't need someone with twenty six years old ( OMG! lol) mixing up things in his life. When these two meet, they definitely pay attention to each other... What happens next is a very well built story. I never felt like saying "oh, move on already..". I liked the "view" from the road, and meeting all the other characters? It was not a bore. When the time comes I'll be more than happy to read about them, because this author is most definitely on my auto buy list.

The Wingman - Natasha Anders

The woman is one gigantic doormat and the guy is basically a jerk in a pretty package.

I am this close to dnf it.

Currently free on Kobo
Currently free on Kobo

I've just started reading my first book by this author, and since I'm liking it, I decided to check prices on Kobo and Amazon for the other books of the author. This one is currently free on Kobo :)

Burning my bridges with some publishers

Lost Girls - Merrie Destefano Arc Provided by Entangled Teen Release Date: January, 3rd An ambitious concept... but I've read dystopias that are way more believable -_- I requested this at a time in which I was so fed up with what I was reading, that I decided to take a risk on a new author, and on an ambitious concept for a story. Basically I wanted a strong female character leading the story... and in a way I got it. Thing is, and I've said this over and over, I may be reading a fantasy book, but I want it to have strong foundations. This one? Sandy foundations -_- We have to believe that a once quiet girl, decides to go all Chuck Norris, just because she once was physically attacked by a bunch of girls in a bathroom. Okay, sure, nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to see it. I wanted to see that transformation. Also, I'm betting it takes way more than a year to become the killing machine that Rachel becomes. The rest of the story is Rachel basically acting too stupid to live... but since she's this special snowflake who can get great grades at school without doing things like actually studying, or sleeping, she manages to have this adventurous life. Also the drugs she takes are "wolferine" type of amazing, so who cares? She's more amazing than FBI agents and her own father, an ex-marine... In the meanwhile there's this new adult romance who is supposed to be angsty and deep as all first romances are meant to be. Note to self: stick with boring. At least it's more credible.

Getting rid of some "old" arcs :)

The Ferryman Institute: A Novel - Colin Gigl Arc Provided by Gallery Books Call me sexist if you want, but there's a reason why I try to stay away from books written by guys: I can't stand their f***g voices. Or what is known as "male gaze". There's a few exceptions like author Soman Chainani and I was going to say author Peter S. Beagle... but meanwhile the author wrote Summerlong and s**t hit the fan with that one. Don't know what is it with guys and old age, for crying out loud. So, male gaze, right? I can't stand it. I have allergy to it. That's why after reading five percent of this I was done with it. This was supposed to feel adult, instead it felt juvenile. And I hated the voice's guy! This was what I wrote in September, the first and last time I forced myself to pick this up: "Was this supposed to be YA? Because this feels YA. And the over the top adjectives are already making my eyes twitch." Sorry, but my new book resolutions for 2017, revolves around dnf arcs that aren't working for me. So long, farewell, hope I never see you again!

I should have written this ages ago...

Secrets in the Snow: A Novel of Romance and Intrigue - Michaela MacColl Arc Provided by Chronicle Books I think I received an arc that was not quite ready for public reading: only that, would explain some mistakes regarding a character's age. Hope that got fixed in the final copy. As for the plot itself, it never caught my interest. I am a huge Austen fan, and the Jane Austen in this book never shone. She was surly, reckless, and she did things who did not conform to the age she lived in. The author should have payed more attention to that. Calling strangers on a first name basis was a huge NO back then. And that was when I DNF' ed this. Better just watch "Becoming Jane".

Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Prey - Linda Howard Even the f*****g BEAR has a POV!! What the hell is wrong with the author?!

Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Prey - Linda Howard Even the f*****g BEAR has a POV!! What the hell is wrong with the author?!

Less pies, more substance please

The Secret Ingredient of Wishes - Susan Bishop Crispell

Rachel has spent most of her life trying to ignore her magical "gift", and with good reason: sixteen years ago it ruined her family's life...

For all it's faults, this story has a truly original concept: more the pity for the way it turned out.

The initial dark tone ends up disappearing in an avalanche of badly explained facts, stereotypical characters, and a never ending mention ( and eating) of pies!

I really don't understand how all of that people aren't diabetics. Really!


Even so, it was readable, so, that's that...


The story starts with twenty six old Rachel still living in her family home. And I say still, because that house doesn't harbour happy memories... When a wish suddenly appears ( in front of her eyes, written in a piece of paper like they used to) after a long hiatus of them not bothering her, Rachel freaks out and decides to disappear town, before something bad happens to her friends. You see, Rachel doesn't have a good relationship with her gift ever since a catastrophe happened.

At ten years old she wished her young brother would get lost. After that, Michael disappears never to be remembered by his parents. Only Rachel remembers him.

(show spoiler)

Dark right? Well it even gets darker!

But then Rachel arrives to this little town, Nowhere, capital of the "Lost and Found".

I don't know what I was expecting, maybe a town full of odd ones?

But with the exception of Catch, a seventy five old woman who makes magical pies, with which she binds people's secrets, the rest of the folks were basically normal. Which was kind of disappointing.


I was expecting more out of Catch's and Rachel's relationship. Although it ends up developing itself in a very aloof and cranky way, it always felt too superficial. And the same thing happened with the rest of the story and it's characters.

I wanted more out of Catch's background. When did she start making the pies? When did she start getting sick? Who was that stupid ex-husband of hers?

Instead, the author decided to present her as just this cranky old lady constantly making pies: normal pies and magical pies.


Badly explained fact #23... why would people eat her pies if they suspect that someone may be trying to make them forget something??

Look, I don't know about you, but I would probably swore pies off for LIFE.


Then there's Ashe, our broken hearted hero...

Handsome, attractive, always ready to help... and with a wife of whom he still hasn't divorced. Can you say, awkward much?

The ex wife is presented as a cheater, although I really don't understand how Ashe found out about it. Her name is Lola ( -__-) and we really don't understand why she cheated on Ashe... well, there's mentions of great charm involved. Another magical ability?

Unfortunately that _ and that person's motives _ were never developed. Maybe because she didn't want to enter the soap opera domaine. *cough*

Like I said there's a lot of mentions of people eating pie.


So, I guess there wasn't space or time to develop any thing else.

As for the final part, it went from magical realism to Disney land. Which was awkward.

Another plot that was extremely important, ends up not being resolved, and the ending was really wish washy.

Basically, great concept, but the execution could've been better.

Becoming Beauty - Sarah Boucher Sometimes you read the first paragraph in a story and it's enough to know that you're going to hate it... that was not the case here. -_- The beginning was actually pretty decent with a different twist to a well known story. In this tale, Bella is this selfish vain girl whose reckless request leaves her father in a world of troubles. What happens next is pretty standard [except for the fact that Bella's sister, Cass is the real Beauty of the family (hide spoiler)] in which after awhile, Bella ends up at the Beast's manor. As for the Beast? Well he's very emo. And prone to fits of temper [also not really a Beast in the literal sense of the word -_- actually the guy just needed a few baths, and a hair cut. Oh, and a manicure and pedicure. (hide spoiler)] That was disappointing! If I wanted to read about an over emotional dude that decides to go reclusive I would read a new adult book! So Bella and the emo guy start bickering with each other. Bella basically becomes his ( and of another guy who lives there) servant. And some months later she's basically "healed" of her spoiled ways. Because hard labour strengthens the character!*repeat after me!* After this, the book's plot basically crashes: everything that was mildly interesting disappears. The Beast, Phillipe, becomes this super accommodating dude who just wants to worship her. This confuses Bella. *hands up in the air* Then Bella decides that maybe she's in a love triangle, even though her interactions with the other dude (sorry, can't remember the guy's name any more) were minimal. The only bits of "magic" that the story has, are related with this pendant that Bella uses and that connects her with the necklace previous owner... memories. Surprisingly this doesn't faze any of the characters. In reality it was lame as hell... What happens next is worth of a crazy soap opera Bella decides that it is the other guy that she loves, but what will be of Phillipe? *cue depressing music* But wait, don't despair! Bella's beautiful sister Cassandra is more than willing to take her place! o_O Definitely not what I was expecting. But hey, this is 2016 and everything basically sucks!

Not exactly but this is what I'm listening :)


Merry Christmas to you all!

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