More than a pretty cover...

Across a Star-Swept Sea - Diana Peterfreund

 An absorbing tale of adventure, politics, and with a dash of romance in it, this is the perfect story for all of those readers who want a little something more in their reads. 

You know? The readers who feel as if no author, can surprise them anymore... *hands in the air*

(at least it works for old jaded me!)


This is probably the most inspired Scarlet Pimpernel retelling that I'll ever read!

(Okay, this is the first one I've read...but I doubt that I'll read better! lol)

Of course I probably said the same about For Darkness Shows the Stars, when it comes to it's Persuasion retelling in it.... and it's still true! ;)

(Read my review here! )

So yes, I admit it: I am in love with this world, with these characters....with the writing, with the visuals, with the whole imagination behind it!

The cove!! *.* (it's a scene in the book. You have to read it!)


What can I say?

This is just my cup of tea. Or better yet, _as the coffee addict that I am! _ my perfect cup of coffee!


What could be better than an innovative retelling of the Scarlet Pimpernel, in which the main character is a sixteen year old girl, who is competent, courageous, friend of her friends, and extremely fond of her family?


Just a sixteen year old, that having all those traits, also does the work of a much needed hero.

Oh, and one who has a pet Sea Mink genetically altered, who goes by the name of Slippy!


Persis smiled. “Would you really avenge me with neuroeels, Isla?”

“For you, darling, I’d gengineer a neuroshark.”

“Aww.” Persis pressed a hand to her chest. “That’s very sweet.”


Having already been familiarized with this dystopian world, through FDSTS (For Darkness...), I didn't encounter any difficulty in getting reconnected with it, despite the time that has passed since I've read it.

 In fact, I found  the New Pacifica's "expressions, "Aristos" and "Regs" more easy to follow, than the ones used in the first volume.


And although "Across A Star- Swept Sea", didn't pull at my heartstrings in exactly the same level as "For Darkness Shows The Stars" did, with its story of lovers gone astray, as a faithful Persuasion retelling should _although a much more complex one _ this tale, in it's own different way, in it's own originality, was done in the same amazing way, and it kept me glued to it's pages.


Both of  stories were kept true to their natures: FDSTS more romance oriented, and this one, written as full political intrigue /adventure tale.


Of course some things never change.

The writing as always, is gorgeous:


"Love was magma, shooting from the Earth.
It had the potential to form pillars of rock that would last for a thousand years or plumes of ash that choked the sky.
She would never love like her father, never let herself be loved like her mother. She would never suffer what her parents were suffering now."


The plot was brilliantly developed, so the only nitpicks I have, as the expression indicates, are small things, like for instance, the characters age.

They sound older than your typical YA gang. Which is Great, don't get me wrong!

I just couldn't help thinking that maybe they could be a little older on paper (Persis is sixteen, Justen is eighteen), although I understand the reasoning of this, due to the "Damocles Sword" which is poised above one character' head.


Besides that, there is this "expression" that is used regarding the mental state of some of the characters :

 _"The Darkened", it, refers to a condition, a mix of Alzheimer's and maybe Lou Gehrig's disease.

 A couple years ago, I wouldn't find any problem with it. 

But now that I know better, I can't help wishing that another term had been used...


Bottom Line:

A+,  for the Plot

A+, for the characters

A+,  for the writing

And a B+ because in the end I wanted more pages!! o_O

It ended a little too abruptly ( no, no cliffhangers!) fact, the way it ended was just mean! ;)

Okay, I'll say it...

( I can't believe I am about to say this o_O)

I guess it could have a little more romance in it... o_O

(looks at the ceiling...)



Oh, and the cover?
So beautiful!!  *.* Keep them coming! ;)


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