Stolen Songbird

Stolen Songbird  - Danielle L. Jensen

Since we are in the last weeks of 2014, I decided it was about time to get my own copy of this book, before there was no more copies to be had...and I was left crying about not having buying it when it was available....

Although apparently this title is going to be reissued by Angry Robot!

(it better not be prettier than this one o_O)


Turns out reading this story was a great decision.

Truthfully, I had a little hard time at the beginning, especially because I really liked a certain character _ Marc _ and I thought he was going to play the leading character role, due to.....reasons.

And yes, I mostly skipped the my fault.


Most of us who read YA are a little tired of all the characters physical perfection _ I know I am _and Tristan is one of those examples. Marc wouldn't be, which would make the situation much more intense.

However, the author did play her cards extremely well , and "strangely" _lol_ Tristan's character did grow on me.


“Much better,” Tristan said. “It is always important to look the part when you are about to do something nefarious. You were really ruining the effect.”


So, what is this book all about?

Well this is the story about this girl, Cécile, who is abducted and taken to an underground city where these magical beings, _for now lets call them Trolls _ have been living in a state of secrecy for centuries now.

Their society is one based on how much power, magic one has. It's a very strict and rigid society, where the so called Half trolls lead lives as similar to those of slaves.


This is a strong and well developed plot, with political intrigues, danger galore and enemies lurking at every corner.

The characters _although at the beginning it didn't feel like it _ end up being extremely well developed _well the book is long_, and interesting to read about.

In fact, I wouldn't mind reading more books in this universe, who would feature the so called secondary characters of this one. As I've mentioned before, I think that Marc would make an awesome leading character, as would the Countess.


Regarding Cécile, she ends up being an amazing character.

She's tough, and brave....prone to some tstl moments, but they were normal and to be expected due to the circumstances.

Tristan, well he surprised me. I really thought I wasn't going to like him, but he ends up being much more than a pretty face.


“What are you doing?” Tristan shouted.
“What does it look like I’m doing?”
“Ladies do not make their own beds! It shows initiative, which is broadly considered most unladylike!”


The world-building was okay. I would have liked more descriptions when it came to the Trolls underground city, Trollus. In my mind's eye, the setting, it was not that visible, but, the plot is so good, that it doesn't end up being something very serious. Also, this is already a very long book, and to give it more pages would probably be pushing it.


Plot and character wise, a very strong epic fantasy with dashes of romance in it _ not cloying or overbearing _, there's no love triangles, or lust at first sight in it, to ruin the story.

The characters act like sensible people, and I can't wait to return to this world.


There's also a prequel to this story, that I've just finished reading. It's called "The Songbird's Overture", and you can read it Here!


And last, but not least, regarding this part of the synopsis :


"For those who have loved Seraphina and Graceling comes another truly fabulous fantasy..."


Well, I haven't read Seraphina yet, so I can't compare it...

But I did read Graceling and I must be one of the few people who really couldn't stand Katsa (that's her name, right? ), so, I am happy to say, that this book is for those who have loved Graceling, and most especially, for those of us who haven't! ;)


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