I would love to see...

Hissy Fitz - Patrick Jennings, Michael Allen Austin

...the inside art pics, but I am afraid that the arc edition I was given doesn't have them :/

Oh well...

So far this has some cute moments, but nothing extraordinary.


According to Hissy Fitz our narrator, we humans aren't the sharpest tool in the shed:


“Oh, how I missed you, little Hissy!” she squeals too near my ear.
I open my other eye, and growl: Grrrrrrrrrr!
“And you missed me, too! Awww!”
Georgie can’t always tell the difference between a growl and a purr."


"It’s simple. I hiss when she does something I don’t like; I purr when she does something I like. Why doesn’t she learn?"


According to famous cat wisdom, we should nap more...especially children.


She often takes a nap after school. In my opinion, human beings do not nap enough, especially the little ones. All that racing around, hopping, and squawking would certainly wear me out. Children should take more naps than cats do.


Then there's the curse of being a cat: Genetic Laziness


I pick up a few kibbles with my tongue then crunch them. They taste as they always do: dry and slightly fishy. I’d prefer actual fish, but I’m too lazy to go out and find and kill one.


They hate wasting time:


"The grass is slightly damp. I lick the moisture off a few blades. It’s a start. I roll around in the grass then lie down and lick my fur. This is grooming and drinking at the same time."