I Am Pusheen the Cat - Claire Belton
Let's start with the beginning, shall we?
Who is this elusive character named Pusheen?
What does she want from life... besides food... and food... and sleep... and did I mentioned a full plate of cat food?
What are her goals in life? *eat a large amount of food*

Friends... *food can be your friend!*

Hobbies... you know? Besides eating a lot and looking pretty and absolutely *pettable* I am told that this word does not exist, well, we will make it exist! Shut up, Firefox, before I start calling you Firefly...)

Pusheen is proud of who she is *this means no light food, humans!*, but most especially of hers Toe Beans!

But I am getting ahead of myself... I will let Pusheen do the "talking":

Things you should know about Pusheen ;)

But Pusheen is much more than the food she eats!

She is electronically... savy!

She's a great baker!

Basically she's like... us! Only smaller and furrier... well this should be evaluated on a case to case scenario!
So, what are you waiting for to start reading this cute and extremely funny book?
I promise you, it is funny!!
It made me, laugh, and I am the average Dickens character in everyday life!!

So, I'll end this deep, deep review with another of Pusheen's thoughts: