My 2014 Reads

2014 is practically over, and it is time to make a balance of how many books we've read, and most importantly what we've read.

I normally don't do this...mainly because I am too lazy to do it o_O, but people here on Booklikes have put me to shame, so I decided to give it a try as well :)

This year I am somewhat left with the feeling that I didn't had a good reading year.

So, let's see:








Two Star Ratings:


One and a Half:


One Star:



The did Not Finish:


Reads so far: 164


Short stories:

            Burning Girls - 5 Stars

           The Ghosts of Bourboun Street - 4.5 Stars

            We Both Go Down Together - 4 Stars

            The Little Android - 3.5 Stars

            The Witch's Betrayal - 3 Stars

            The Automaton's Treasure - 3 Stars

             Brimstone and Marmalade - 3 Stars

             The First Star To Fall - 3 Stars

             Cinderella wore combat boots - 1 Star