Feminists and Hobbits..

Let Down Your Hair - Fiona Price
First of all, let me just start with a few words for whoever it was who decided to label this book as a fairy tale retelling:

Here's the thing, you may think that you were helping this book in having the attention it deserved, but in fact what you did manage was just to "flaunt it" at the wrong audience, subsequently hiding it from the people who could or would enjoy it! *shakes head*

People who requested this book _upon reading its very misleading blurb and seeing the cover _ will probably be extremely disappointed with its end result:
This doesn't have a single "funny bone" in its body.
The "romance" is extremely undeveloped and lacking, especially when one considers Sage upbringing.

What one does have in this book, is a twenty two year character who has grown up emotionally stunted _or at least, one that in real life would be _, one could even talk about emotional abuse, because the way Sage was raised by her evil grandmother is just unbelievable.
A girl who was abandoned by her mother as a child, who ends up being raised by an old guard feminist who believes all men are evil, would never have behaved the way Sage does.

However despite this not being the "milk chocolate" story I thought this would be, I kept on reading it, because the writing is actually good.
However, after a while it seemed as if this had fallen into a "soap opera dimension".

Characters became more stereotyped by the second...
Despairing and "you've got to be kidding me" situations kept being thrown with casual indifference, and after awhile, and for a few pages I had to use the diagonal reading skill...it was that, or plainly DNF it.

Bottom Line: An original concept, with an above average writing skill, but whose results _for me _ ended up in one big mess...

And don't even get me started on the fact that the grandmother offered her a vibrator _typical feminist grandmother gift! _ but apparently didn't explain to the girl the concept of safe sex!
I can't even... o_O

Oh, and last but not least, this book taught me a very important anthropological lesson! ;)
Apparently feminists come from a long, and distinct line of..Hobbits! :D

No, really, here, read this:

"(..)the hems of her linen pants flapping around her hairy white ankles as she cycled to the campus."

"Feminists were hairy-legged, man-hating monsters, who were bitter because no one would marry them."

(..)because I was a plain, hairy feminist(..)