It could have been great...

Outcast - Adrienne Kress
Okay...so, my thoughts on the book:
This could have entered directly to my top favourites, mainly due to some points:
_Fantastic Beginning;
_Great characters;
_And an interesting plot...when to that one adds the awesome cover, this looked like a winner.

So, why only 2,5 stars?
Mainly because the points above mentioned only appear in the beginning of the book!!

And then...ZILCH!
And after awhile i had to stop reading, and wonder what the hell was i reading???
Teen problems?
Teen's high school?
Really???? Noooooo!!

Where was the "awesoness" that the first pages delivered?
Those pages were funny, they were quirky and fast paced!!

After that...
OH MY GOD...one would expect that after Riley's long mental and emotional ramblings, i would come to the end liking her and understanding her....
...unfortunately not.

Despite the long paragraphs detailing what she was feeling and what was happening (TOO much tell, not enough show!!), i can't help feeling that she wasn't as "fleshed" as she could have been.

Regarding Gabe, well, i wanted more!! I wanted more characterization!! Honestly the whole bad boy (not really..) routine with the quick smile, good heart, and the "fiftys" vocabulary wasn't enough.

Instead of wasting paragraphs after paragraphs saying the same old thing, i would've like something different! The way he addapts to his new life, and the way he doesn't care about what happened before "The taking" just felt too convenient.

Then there was an awfull lot of loose ends in this book, and "How convenient" scenes and moments.

So the guy (Gabe) says he was sent by Riley father to help with the gardening, and that was it?
The mother(the adult) shouldn't have thought to first confirm that with her husband??
Just saying...

Then: Oh poor you! I don't know you from anywhere,and you could be a psycopath, but you can stay with me and my daughter in our house!!
Really??? o.O

So days would pass, weeks would go by, and then months ( and no, time didn't pass in a blink of an eye...it was painfully slow!) and months, until a full year had gone buy!! For what?
Simply to say that Riley's and Gabe romance (right) wasn't "love at first sight"? That would have worked if there had been some tension growing between them. Which didn't happen.

Riley and Gabe...so, of course everyone was expecting to see them together. It would be the logical conclusion to the story....and something that ends up happening even though .....a certain situation.

But since their relationship _ with the exception of the first pages _ wasn't all that interesting honestly i didn't even care about it.

Then i really disliked the "Mary Sue attack" on Riley's. I didn't like the whole Nephilin(sp?) thing. I had so much more fun, when i thought that she, an average normal girl had been able to shoot the Thrall (angel slave).
The ending, well like i said before, it was just too "convenient" "clean(for some)" and felt like it was cut in the middle.
This didn't feel like an "open ending", it felt like a clumsy one.
What a pity.