Yes, I loved it :D

How (Not) to Fall in Love - Lisa Brown Roberts

Arc provided by Entangled Teen through Netgalley


Release Date: February 3rd 2015


I am not the most sentimental person in the planet.

In fact most people would probably just call me jaded... and that would be the nice ones.

I've almost stopped reading romances because instead of having a good time reading them, I mostly end up going into fits due to overboard cheesiness, insane silly plots, love affairs between characters that should be institutionalized, when they're not simply your average "goody too shoes" .


This story?

It doesn't have a contrived, moronic "bone in its body".

What it does have, is one of the most realistic approaches to the life of a young adult in all its variants: Family, growing up, and first love.


The writing style

I loved it. It was able to tell a complex story without falling into the usual YA contemporary clichés.

We don't have stupid love triangles in here. Let's face it, most time its hard enough to find one person that loves us, do we want to discuss the odds of finding two or three all at the same time and vying for our attention? Please.

No slut shaming despite the fact that the main characters is a senior in high-school_ unfortunately this is a recurrent in the genre, so I am always glad when it doesn't appear_ and what do you know, Darcy, manages to have a girl as her best friend.

She's a constant in Darcy's life, despite the fact that Darcy is more than apt at facing the world all by herself.


Darcy's family life feels realistic enough, from the change it goes through and everything that happens in the meantime... there are no perfect characters who come out with magical solutions for their problems.

Things get messy, and the characters just have to make the best of it, but it never becomes cheesy or turns into a pity feast!

Realistic is in fact my favourite word regarding this story, because as Darcy's life unravels, her actions and ideas just show how strong she is.


No one is going to come and save her, and you know what is the greatest thing about this?

She doesn't want anyone to do it, she is not expecting it, the only thing she needs is people that will stay by her side no matter what.

Darcy is probably the most courageous YA character featured in a contemporary novel that I've read about.

I would probably need a full month to write this review so I could give her all the compliments this girl deserves!

Now, this, is a role model!

This girl with her unwavering strength and the way she is able to face problems face to face.

This doesn't mean that she's a superwoman. She is only human in the face of a very difficult situation. But she never gives up.


Also this managed to avoid a tricky situation due to everything that happens: I am talking about the possibility of taking "the preachy lane". Thankfully it never does!


The romance...

I liked that it took its own sweet time... okay, there was a moment in which I felt that it took a second too long, lol, but you know, it just felt realistically done.

Lucas was such a sweet, responsible, and caring guy _basically the opposite of the brooding bad guy type that is now so famous in Ya books_, that I could forgive him for his White Knight Syndrome _lol _ especially because Darcy knows how to deal with him! :D

What else could I ask? 


Bottom line, a wonderful coming of age story filled with heartbreak, but also filled with hope and love.

What can I say?

It made bitter old me love it...


Now, go and request it _or pre-order it _ and tell me what you think about it!


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Pre-order it ( Well the book synopsis matches, lol, despite the different title ;)