Solid story

The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan

Some things one knows for certain when reading a Courtney Milan story:

_There's attention to all the details when it comes to the time period in which the story takes place,

_ The character development is always taken into consideration,

_High quality writing,

_Low level of insanity,

_ A little too much drama...

I had a wonderful time reading this story.

The fact that it takes place in a period that only rarely is approached in this type of novel makes it all the more interesting. As such, Frederica or Free, our main character, is as far from the simpering miss stereotype as is the Sun from the Earth.

Free is a strong, intelligent character who fights for the right to give voice _and the right to vote _ to all women.

She's the woman all of us could be friends with.

As for Edward, our incorrigible liar slash rake, he proved to be complex with a side note of abused male hero in him.

His witty repartee with Free were always prone to give me some good laughs...

“Miss Marshall,” he said, “are you blackmailing me with my attempt to blackmail you? Can I now threaten to go to the authorities and turn this convoluted double blackmail plot into triple blackmail?”

It also helped that their chemistry was very much alive.

The plot _pretty much until half the book _ was well constructed and interesting to read about.

After that, I felt that there was a little too much unnecessary drama, one or two "too stupid to live" and "woe is on me, I don't deserve...thee" ;) actions and comments, but in the end a more than satisfactory novel.

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