In its defense it was written more than two decades ago...and this isn't a Classic, so...

Then Came You (Gamblers, #1) - Lisa Kleypas

Addictive for certain, but did it have to had so much drama?

If this had been cut to half its size, it would get a solid four star rating!
As it was, it was just too much: I am an emotional wreck by now, and it's six o'clock in the morning! o_O

The positives:
The banter between the main characters.
The fact that they pretty much hate each other guts on sight, and for quite some time (yes, I choose to place this amongst the positives, lol)

The fact that neither of them is your typical a hundred per cent leading character stereotype.

The negatives
We have a character whose family has placed her aside, and suddenly there she is..and there they another person's house all together, and "fiddle dee dee" everything is fine.

The way Lily addresses a friend of her, a male friend of her, in the presence of her parents and everyone else who would like to hear her: Zach this, Zach that...
I am not usually a snob of this type of thing, but the thing just felt too modern and irritating.

The predominance of accents in this story: I pretty much hate this type of thing. This is a pet peeve of mine, I confess.
I understand if we are given a little to demonstrate the character's talking patterns, but too much of it?
It blocks the fluidity of the writing.

The fact that the main character Alex entertains the idea of invading a woman's bedroom and forcing herself to's only an idea, but the cavalier way he reasons with himself that they shall be married in a couple of weeks, and okay, she'll cry but they're engaged...left me less than pleased with him.

The way Alex deals with Lily's fears of intimacy, which is pretty much doing as it pleases him, and of course she ends up enjoying it _of course _ so, who cares?

The way friendship is dealt in this book: Derek is the most pathetic excuse of a friend I've ever read about. o_O

The scene in which Lily loses a wager to Alex, in Derek's club and the way everyone deals with it, was extremely cringe-worthy and less than romantic.

The fact that the characters insist on not making use of their tongs, for things known as, speaking to one another!

Hey, apparently I disliked it more than I had realized!