Calm? Who is calm? No one is!

Please Remain Calm - Courtney Summers

This may be a novella, but it carries the emotional punch of a full length story. And just like the first volume, this ends up being brutal.

Maybe I need to "gather my thoughts" a little longer, because despite having finishing it hours ago, I am still a emotional wreck... well done !

And I have absolutely no idea what to say besides: "go read this..even though it is going to break your heart into tiny little pieces."

Here on author Courtney Summers' world, there's no lucky breaks, no second chances, and definitely no happy endings.

"Please Remain Calm" picks up immediately after "This is not a Test" and we follow Rhys and Sloane on the run for survival.
Isa has already mentioned it, Read her review Here! but while the first volume ends up being more of a psychological thriller, this is definitely a zombie book, so get ready for a lot of blood, nail biting suspense....and heartbreak.
There is a lot of heartbreak in this fact, OMG!! -_-
I couldn't even believe it when that happened!
And then the story ended! o_O
And now I need more!:/