Slightly Scandalous (Bedwyn #3) - Review

Ligeiramente Escandalosa - Mary Balogh

With all justice, this should probably get a two/ two and a half star rating, but, I did manage to read this in less than a day, so it has to get at least an half star for that reason entirely.


This is, what?

The fourth or fifth book I've read by this author, but I still can't say that this is a favourite series.

This was written in 2004 _ I think _ so maybe her latest instalments are better?

I can only wonder.


So far, a pattern seems to exist: I struggle with the beginnings, and I end up enjoying the last pages.


I wasn't crazy about the characters, not because they weren't likeable _ which, okay they mostly weren't _ but because they felt undeveloped. Very one dimensional.

Also, there is quite a number of eye rolling situations: I don't care if they were engaged _ of faked engaged _ some things just weren't done. At least not blatantly so.


Also in one of the prequels, the whole fake engagement plot, had already been used, and two books later, here it is again?

Not very original..but at least in Kit's and Lauren's case, the situation was much more believable.

What can I say?

I never felt the "love" between Freyja and Joshua, and their supposedly "hot" scenes were more tepid than anything else. -_-