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Valiant - Sarah  McGuire

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              Release Date: April 28 th


And unexpectedly, a favourite read appears...


Having never read the original fairy tale, it was the expression "a debut fairy tale reimagining" in the synopsis that caught my interest. And I am so glad that it did!  ~What can I say? You people know I can't resist a  fairy tale retelling!~


I loved this from page one until the very last.

Especially because I had no idea of what was going to happen. And I have no problem  admitting that I was a "little nervous" to see how a certain situation would be resolved.


Saville is a great character: She's level headed, intelligent and courageous... and no, she is not a Mary Sue.


She is a seventeen year old who has lost her mother, and only has her brute of a father in her life.

The father is the Tailor. Someone more interested in fabrics and outfit models than in his own daughter. In fact he pretty much hates her.


Saville has grown accustomed to his violent moods, but not resigned. And it is her intention to start a new life once father and daughter reach their new home in Reggen.


Unfortunately things don't work out as Saville had planned, and just when she is settling into her new life, her dreams end up pushed aside, when the girl finds herself suddenly entangled in Reggen's state affairs.


It's not easy to make a living as a Tailor being a girl. There the need for a disguise.

It becomes even more difficult when someone sees through said disguise, and when she suddenly finds herself in the unlikely role of Reggen's champion.


Now the "brave little tailor" who happens to be a girl, will have to find a way to stop a war between Reggen and a mysterious duke determined to lay waste to the whole city. 

In the meantime she will have to keep safe the only family she has left_ and no, I am not talking about her worthless father_ and especially try not to lose her heart to her only ally: someone way above her station in life.


Regarding the romance, I will just say this: It evolved into a beautiful _although at times aching_ story to watch. I had no idea of what was going to happen.


Full of adventure, heartbreak, and just the right dose of romance, this is a tale that will probably be better appreciated by the YA and adult readers... or so says the adult who loved it. :)


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