In wich Sleeping Beauties are scarier than Wicked Stepsisters

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Imagine if actual fairy tales characters lived among us: in fact imagine them a little like wild mushrooms sprouting everywhere and disrupting people's lives.

You know what, comparing them to weeds would be more appropriate -_-


So... imagine that you were living your own ordinary life, when suddenly a certain STORY forces your life into a certain fictional character life. Maybe a Sleeping beauty, in which case you can end up infecting a whole lot of people... apparently sleep is contagious _ ah! _ and princes are not that easy to find, and even if they were, complications are bound to happen.

Maybe you can be a Cinderella, in which case someone will be forced into the Wicked Stepsister role.

As you can see, being a fairy tale character has more to it than it meets the eye...


I loved this story's concept: the idea of a "task force" _of fairy tale characters _ created to contain other fairy tale characters, is actually pretty good.


It did remind me a little of Kate Serine's stories and Mercedes Lackey, the Five Hundred  Kingdoms series in which Tradition tries to force people into certain roles... sometimes with bad results.


The problem is that this story was developed in serialized format _ while I read this as a paperback _ and at the beginning _especially _ there's an amount of repetition: things that we've heard about in a "previous episode" are given to us again and again.

I felt that that blocked the story most of the times.

It also lacked big time in the character development.

I never understood  why a certain character was to be the boss of the team, when there was another one much more qualified.

And much more interesting.


The romance _ as normal with Seanan Mcguire _ was really weak. And unlike the Toby Daye series, here we don't have eight volumes until the stubborn characters finally get together -_-


Luckily towards the end, things pick up, and we are given a little more insight into some characters lives.

I especially liked the twist the author created in the Snow White and Red Rose fairy tale.

So in the end things did improve, and as such  I would love to get my hands on a sequel