Yes, another retelling -_-

The Scarecrow King: A Romantic Retelling of the King Thrushbeard Fairy Tale - Jill Myles

Now this was a fast paced and addictive retelling of King Thrushbeard's tale... of which I was only vaguely familiar.

With a little time available in your hands, I bet you'll be hard pressed to finish reading this asap (if retellings are your cup of tea...)

As one can read in the author credits, Jill Myles wanted to tell this story in the true fairy tale(ish) manner.

As such this doesn't have convoluted plots. The characters are what you see. No big secrets are lurking around waiting to be unveiled: You pretty much know what is going to happen.


It felt as if I was reading a more traditional kind of fairy tale... but without all the gore that normally abounds in those.


The characters are interesting, although a little one dimensional.

The plot ends up being interesting because of the bickering between the two main characters.

In the end if this had been more developed _ especially the last bit _ this would definitely get a higher rating.


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