It's Rachel...

A Perfect Blood  - Kim Harrison

Lately I've become accustomed to a certain irregularity in the latest volumes of this series. From time to time a great story appears, but then then one has to drag himself through some pretty boring ones.

I loved "Pale Demon" but unfortunately this one wasn't on the same level.


First of all, this series has a lot of "crutches" and the author keeps using and abusing them: in all books there's always some level of repetition regarding some aspects. For instance:

Rachel's hormones live on constant overdrive. If there's a new guy in town, she'll make sure to notice him and his pecs.

Rachel may say that she isn't romantically interested in Ivy, but she will always show some kind of jealousy towards the living vampire;

Jenks will be as foul mouthed as possible... in fact I think he has gotten worse and it isn't as funny as it used to be.

Also can I say how tired I am of Rachel's reaction to her vampire scar?

As always we will get the same old descriptions on how Rachel's kitchen is... awesome.


As such the stories tend to drag and drag, and it feels as if half of the book is just filled with repetitive filler.

However _ no matter how long it takes me _ I will continue reading it... because I like that crazy witch demon and I keep hoping that she will grow up.

As for the story per se in this one, it was interesting, I just wish that what surrounded it wasn't the same old things.



Recommendation level?

It depends on how crazy you like your reads... and your level of patience.


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