Give me more

The Princess Curse - Merrie Haskell
4.5 stars... that will turn into a five star rating, once I have the sequel in my hands...

That is not to say that this ends with a cliffhanger. No, the story in this book is mostly properly resolved, especially the part about "The twelve dancing Princesses" retelling.
As for "Beauty and the Beast"?
We only get about two thirds of it, and having loved this story _ and its characters _ of course I want something more.

There's not much I can say without spoiling the story, so I'll just say this:
I loved the fact that the setting in which the plot takes place feels real. Very middle age, and as such the reality isn't sugared. This was a time of wars and famine.

The fact that Reveka_ despite being thirteen years old _ acts as someone much more mature than someone in our time would, because times were different. She goes about her chores without complaints or woes.

I loved the characters characterization: From Reveka, to her father _ not forgetting Dragos of which I want to know so much more _ it all felt realistic enough.

And last, I loved the writing!
Maybe because even though this tries to be middle grade it has an undeniable darker tone, that wouldn't be misplaced in an adult story.

For me the only thing that needs improving is the cover which for me is just too juvenile.