Ashes of Honor ( October Daye #6)

Ashes of Honor  - Seanan McGuire

2nd Read: 22/09/15

Still a winner!


Original Review:
First Read: April 25 th (2012)


Can I get a MEOW in Tybalt's honor? :D


Okay, I have to admit that THIS series, is at the moment my favourite urban fantasy series ( in case the fangirling wasn't obvious enough..)
What's there not to like?
We have great characters, great stories, a BEAUTIFUL romance. YES, FINALLY!!!
 I think that everyone that has been following this series, knows what I'm talking about! They're so...perfect for one another. I just feel like drawing tiny hearts all around them!
 Their dialogues: I have to say that I loved each and every single one of them.

In the other reviews that I've written of the previous books of this series, I've mentioned that every single one of them has a different voice. A very unique voice.
The same can be said of this one: This can be considered as the one that changes all...a new road has presented itself on Toby's path. Will she follow it? Or are the memories of a not so distant past too painful, for her to take this chance...

 Although Toby begins the book with a more depressive humour due to the events that happened in the last book, one cannot help noticing how distant this one's "mood" is of the first book, that had a very dark setting.

Don't get me wrong, if this was a fairy tale, it would still be a dark one.

But the characters have definitely grown, and one cannot help feeling the strong bonds that have developed amongst this group of friends and mainly the bonds that have developed between our two main characters. Two very stubborn, blind, leading characters....

So if you like great stories, with amazing characters, I would suggest you'd give this series a try.
I'm so glad I did! :)

The only negative point? Is having to wait a year until the next book in the series.....
A YEAR. -_-