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The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet: A Novel - Rachel Kiley, Kate Rorick

I am not connecting with this one as I thought I would: especially because I loved the first volume. Of course the main volume was mostly about Lizzie, being a Pride and Prejudice kind of retelling.

I shouldn't even be surprised by the fact that I am having a hard time with this one.

After all this is Lydia's story...



.and modern day Lydia is still prone to ass decisions.

Thing is, after all the mess with George *disgusting Wickam* I though this would be a new chapter in Lydia's life.

She has her parents.

Her cat Kitty... -_- yeah, that Kitty.

She has an amazing cousin named Mary... yes that Mary. Who is counting on her.

Lizzie and Jane have moved out, but they're still there for her.

Darcy has pulled some strings so that she could enter a good University _ she is twenty one.

She has weekly appointments with a psychologist...and all it takes is one C _ I have no idea what's she doing. She is not in high school, but she still hasn't entered an university_ for the girl to stop giving ducks about anything and to go back to her old self.

She's complicated and messy, and I want to like her _ part of me does _ but she really doesn't make that easy.

Also, the new guy?

Aka the present crush? He is getting on my nerves.  Disaster is waiting to happen... all over again. :/

Also this book is depressing the hell out of me.