Next volume: August 2016

Deceptions - Kelley Armstrong

Actual rating.... 2,75 -_-

Okay, there isn't much more I can say about this series without going into full spoiler mode.
I've already mentioned more than once how I love the story: the mystery of it, the creepiness in it, both of them are winners.

The characters as per usual KA are also extremely well developed: as such, if I could, I would goble the entire series _ five volumes? _ in a row. Unfortunately, the last volumes have not yet been released. Bummer. -__-

So why this rating?
The romance thing, you guys!! It is frustrating and it should be irrelevant to the story, but it isn't, because of course the whole thing is completely entangled!
As such, we have two amazing guys: Gabriel who most times ends up being a twat but whose background has made it impossible for us not to root for him, and Rick (y), who despite the juvenile name is everything Olivia could ask for and more.
As if that wasn't already problematic, there's also the small issue of a pre-ordained fate for those three.
Yes, this means PARANORMAL ROMANCE ISSUES, you guys.
So on one side there's this creepy mystery related with Olivia's parent's, aka the mass murder killers... maybe... and then on the other side we have elements of the Great Hunt. The way they're interwined is pretty great, but the love triangle, or better yet, the possibility for a love triangle is just tainting everything!

p.s- Yes, I may be a little dramatic
p.s1- Deal with it.
p.s2- This cover. This cover. Argh!! My eyes.