In which there is actually thorn spinning...

Spinning Thorns - Anna Sheehan

I am not going to forget that I wasn't crazy about this story's beginning.

I am however going to say that it does improve in a spectacular way: the sort that leaves you wondering what is going to happen next, when you finally have to go to sleep.


Yes, I had a hard time with the beginning. I actually went back and start re-reading it once I noticed that a certain word _kit _ kept being repeated by the male character. Over and over.

I think I counted it being used thirty times in just a few pages. And I kept wondering, why not call her "sister" or "my sister"?

And the answer finally came to me towards the end due to the character's personality. So, there, a thing that I wasn't "getting" actually had a purpose that I was missing.


The other thing that I wasn't crazy about had to do with the changing pov's. Well, not the pov's per se, but the way they were told: For the guy, we have first person, for Princess Will we have third person. I don't know if I was being picky, but the thing got annoying... until I stopped paying attention to it and I started gobbling up pages as fast as I could.

Because I honestly cannot pin down the page in which I got hooked by this story.

Once the characters started to grow on me, I probably was a goner...


Will is not your typical fairy tale princess. She has felt inadequate her whole life by comparison with her older sister. The perfect one. The one with the classical beauty, and the petit measurements. Her relationship with her mother _ the former Sleeping Beauty _ isn't perfect, but she has her father to lean on.

She knows she's not perfect. She longs for someone she can't have, but she doesn't let that define her.

She's rational and resourceful, and she knows that in the end she will do whatever her kingdom needs: even if it means abandoning her studies on magic.

You may not like her in the beginning, but I bet that you will come to respect her in the end.


I don't want to reveal too much of the plot, or too much on the characters, because that's half the fun, so I'll just say that Will and the one that will not be named ;) are wonderful characters, and that I loved reading their story.


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