What can I say? -_-

Their Fractured Light: A Starbound Novel - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner


It took me almost a full month to read this, so you probably know what is coming...
I didn't hate it: had I hated it, I would have just DNF the whole thing. (Hate would have been welcome!)
 Instead I was left with the last book in a series that up until this instalment I had completely ADORED!
Instead I was left with a story that bored me to new intergalactic levels. -__-

First of all, I couldn't care about this story main characters:
_ Sophia, who is supposed to be some sort of Frank Abagnale, some master manipulator teen able to get her own way, every single time, was never strong enough, or interesting enough for me to care more than five seconds about her.
 I am sorry, I feel bad for the girl, her father was one of the many victims of the so called "Fury", but I could never care enough about her.
As for Gideon, our technological know it all, who lets a girl he never met before infiltrate his top secret lair, *sigh*, what can I say? -_-

So, there you have it: I found the two main characters dull and idiots. Not a good way to finish a series. Unfortunately the authors decided this would be a good time to also include the two previous couples in the story, so I was forced to keep on reading just to find out what would happen with one of them! C'mon!
Do you know how that made me feel?

Yeah, I was not a happy reader...
So there, congratulations,  the authors were able to made me keep reading a story, I was completely bored with, because I wanted to know what would happen WITH ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS. And no, in case you still didn't understand I am not talking about neither Gideon or Sophia. (they're bores).
The sci-fi part was more boring that usual, so my advice for anyone who still hasn't picked up this story, is just for you guys to read the first two volumes and never mind this one.