Another one -_-

Love, Lies and Spies - Cindy Anstey

This was one of the books that I was most looking forward in reading, because it sounded so much fun... allied with the all Austen (P&P) things connotation, with which I may be slightly obsessed.

Just slightly... ;)

Thing is, when the first paragraph in a book leaves you in a state of, "what the hell is going on?", but not the good kind! No, just the kind in which you realize that you've fallen for another mediocre book. -_-

Oh, for heaven sake! I like witty things just like the next reader!

Like one character in a Linda Howard book says, "I am not a tree stump. I do know how to laugh." (Okay, I'm vaguely translating it from the Portuguese version that I read, so...)

I do like to read... although my latest reads (Valiant excluded) may not show that... trait of mine, since I keep finding most story's meh's.

April and May were disasters. I want good reads to read in June!

This means that if this doesn't get better by the 10% mark I am going to DNF it.

I am done!