For those of you who still don't know it, I'm Portuguese :)

That means that I'm head over heels about what just happened. From the moment that Ronaldo was hit in the knee, to the end, I wasn't able to see the match live. Instead, me and a friend kept messaging each other to keep the nerves at bay...

No it didn't work.

I'm still somewhat nauseated. -_-

But I am so happy, that we, the underdog managed to win, that we managed to avenge the result from 84.

Now our President, says that he wants to go to the Champs Élisée to congratulate all the immigrants that were forced to leave the country, in search of a better life. Unfortunately I don't think he can, because there has been a lot of confusion and violence against the Portuguese.

This makes me sad. For Portugal, for Europe. Were it the other way around, we wouldn't get in the way. We would let the other team celebrate.

That's what we did, when we lost the 2004 final to Greece. We didn't attack anyone.


So, I just wanted to share this image that keeps making me laugh: in it there's Adrien Silva (captain of Sporting Clube Portugal) and Ronaldo.