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Secrets in the Snow: A Novel of Romance and Intrigue - Michaela MacColl

Why I'm about to dnf this:


First there's the cheesy similes:


“Jane?” Eliza yawned delicately, her elfin face adorable as a kitten’s."


"Eliza went still as a beautiful china doll."


There's the inconsistencies. The author isn't able to define an age for a character:


"He was eight years old but had the intellectual capacity of a child half his age."


Later on...


"He was a boy of six."


In the book, Jane is nineteen years old, so I really don't understand the need to quote parts of most Jane Austen's books: by that age, she had only written her so called juvenilia as well as Lady Susan.

I can only attribute that decision to the need of having something well written in this story.


Then there's the occasional inclusion of words and phrasing that are heavily linked to Jane Austen's writing and putting them in the mouth of someone else...


"To Jane she embodied the perfect combination of sense and sensibility."

C'mon! That wasn't even the title that Jane Austen originally chose.


“You may flatter her lively dancing. Or her complexion,Or her fine eyes." (said by a cousin)

Please. Stop.


“But my nerves won’t stand for a noisy party. (Told by Jane Austen's mother)

Really Mrs Bennet?


“If he deigns to come, I am certain he will be too discourteous to dance, no matter how many women require partners.”

Just STOP.


“You’ve no fortune and are only tolerably pretty."

Said by one of Jane's brothers... because heaven forbids that what she ends up writing would come out of her head!


I always thought Jane Austen must have been an incredibly smart and interesting woman to get to know... at least until I read this :/

Where is her spirit? Her wit?

In this story, young Jane Austen comes out as a bratty, irresponsible girl, who doesn't care a bit about her reputation!

And calling a man that isn't her kin by his first name?

Are you kidding me?

you know what? I've had enough.

Oh, and I was already forgetting about the x-ray vision -_-


"He no longer wore his disguising scarf, but his face was concealed beneath his hat.
She could only see make out his tawny eyes, staring at her intently."



*all quotes removed from an arc